The range of various remittance services options we provide are:

  • 1. Home Remittance

    We offer quick remittance, NEFT, and RTGS services to beneficiary accounts with banks in different countries. Having direct correspondent banking relationships with banks in India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Pakistan is a significant advantage.

  • 2. Instant Cash Payment:

    The convenience we offer to beneficiaries through Instant Cash Payment Services is beneficial for the customers.

  • i. Cash Payout:

    Beneficiaries can receive cash instantly in the receiving country. This service is valuable for urgent financial needs.

  • ii. Mobile Wallet Remittance:

    By providing mobile wallet remittance, you enable beneficiaries to receive funds directly into their mobile wallets. This digital solution is efficient and user-friendly.

Our tie-up with INSTANT CASH enhances the accessibility and speed of these services.

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