Khalil al Fardan Exchange's AML Statement.

Khalil Al Fardan Exchange, in compliance with the Central Bank of UAE and international regulations, has designed sophisticated systems to combat money laundering activities and to identify suspicious transactions. The company updates its database on a continuous basis, keeping in line with the rules and regulations issued by the Central Bank of UAE. The circulars are discussed with the staff members in detail and implemented in full.

A sophisticated automatic system to monitor all the transactions for any suspected money laundering activities has also been put in place. The objective of this policy is to ensure that the transactions routed through Khalil Al Fardan Exchange are vetted and are in full compliance with the Anti Money Laundering regulations of UAE.


Khalil Al Fardan Exchange through the internal regulations strives to design and implement all the policies in total and through continuous staff training ensures that all financial activities through our organization are fully compliant and do not in any way create reputational damage to our institution.
This thereby ensures that Khalil Al Fardan Exchange continues to stay as the preferred choice for safe and secure transactions.
In our endeavor to be the No.1 choice of our client, we provide a safe, secure and fast method of remitting and exchanging funds.